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Radiant Heaters

An enticing flame, minus the mess

Electric radiant heater like no other, giving you a warm inviting ambience plus peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen an energy smart and eco-friendly option.

Optimal heat output and unique design are the top priorities of all HEATSCOPE® infrared radiant heaters.


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Key Features

Efficient Made Simple

All radiant heaters were developed in accordance with the newest findings concerning the mid-wave IR range. This means that between 90% and 94% of the energy used is turned directly into ambient heat.

Real Infrared

All radiant heaters produce natural infrared heat. This means that the heat feels pleasant and is effective exactly where it is needed – that’s directly under the first layers of skin, but not too deep in the tissue.

Inviting & Cosy

All radiant heaters exclusively use innovative carbon technology: two carbon spirals are powered with an electric current, they begin to glow and produce a particularly pleasant warmth.

Super Fast

Output peaks are a thing of the past with HEATSCOPE® power heaters. Spot models take only 15 seconds, and Vision & Pure models take a maximum of 30 seconds owing to the glass front.

Full Control

All radiant heaters can be switched between two levels – 50% and 100% output. The models are either delivered with a remote control or with a cable for integration into an external control system.