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Lift (Lifting System)

Starts at $1,995.00
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HEATSCOPE® unique lift system
for flush ceiling installation

HEATSCOPE® offers its own unique solution for flush ceiling installation. A lift system moves the radiant heater out of the ceiling recess as soon as it is switched on. The heater is automatically retracted after a short cooling time.

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Vision 3200 Lift Box Accessorie - Studio Image by Heatscope
Vision 3200 Lift Box Backorder: 8-10 wks +$1,595.00
Spot 2800 Lift Box Accessorie - Studio Image by Heatscope
Spot 2800 Lift Box Backorder: 8-10 wks +$1,195.00
Spot 2800 Lift Frame Accessorie - Studio Image by Heatscope
Spot 2800 Lift Frame Backorder: 8-10 wks +$795.00
Vision 3200 Lift Frame Accessorie - Studio Image by Heatscope
Vision 3200 Lift Frame Backorder: 8-10 wks +$895.00

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Technical Specifications


  • Weight 8.8lb [4kg]
  • Model Dimensions in [mm] L 23 [584] W 3.9 [100] H 8.1 [207]
  • Application Indoor
  • Materials Stainless Steel


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