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The lowdown on radiant heating

Electric infrared radiant heaters

They’ve certainly come a long way since acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd-Wright introduced the technology to the US in the 1930s! And today, radiant heaters (also known as electric infrared radiant heaters) are increasingly in demand as householders and hospitality/commercial operators seek an effective and energy-efficient heating solution.


Infrared radiant heat is the most basic form of heating known to man. Put simply, it’s the direct transfer of heat from the heater to the object – you and the room – without heating the air in between. It provides a comfortable, pleasant heat and helps reduce operating costs.

“Heating any outdoor space can be challenging and costly, given there are no or few walls to retain heat – not to mention having to contend with the weather,” says Stephane Thomas, Director MAD Design Group, whose heating brands include the award-winning radiant heaters HEATSCOPE®. “Radiant heaters are an incredibly effective and energy-efficient solution for warming any outdoor area. They’re also quiet, discrete, and can connect to smart home systems.”

Radiant heaters are also affordable and easy to install and unlike wood burning heaters, require no ‘work’ to run them. And because they don’t emit any smoke or nasty gases, they don’t require a chimney or vent. No irritating emissions means your outdoor areas are more pleasant, cleaner, eco-friendly environments, making them the perfect heating solution for homes and commercial premises including restaurants and cafes, hotels, clubs, pubs, lobbies, hotels and offices.

How radiant heaters work


Radiant infrared heaters create a sun-like warmth and soft and subtle ambient light. They directly transfer this heat via invisible infrared light to people and objects without heating the air in between.

“Like surround sound, electric radiant heaters evenly distribute the desired level of warmth over a large outdoor area. However, while music sound waves bounce off people and objects, radiant heat is attracted to people and objects. Everyone feels pleasantly warm and comfortable, and you don’t waste money heating the air,” explains Stephane.

HEATSCOPE®: Meet the next generation of radiant heaters

While radiant heating isn’t a new type of heating, many of the latest radiant infrared heaters boast improved durability and clever technology paired with stylish design and high efficiency, which is perfect timing as we are using our outdoor areas more often.

Award-winning, German-made HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters are designed to provide functional, efficient and eco-friendly heating, in large open spaces or under covered areas. They boast attractive clean-line styling, a smooth low-profile design and sophisticated technology, in that they exclusively use innovative carbon technology. HEATSCOPE® heaters produce minimum light and have greater efficiency due to the individual controlled carbon elements.

HEATSCOPE’s three sleek and stylish models – the uniquely-designed, award-winning Pure 3000W, the Vision 3200W (the longest model in the range), and Spot 2800W (the smallest model in the range) – all reach 100% heat output in seconds and have a choice of two output levels – 50% and 100%. Plus, they come in two on-trend finishes: black and white, made with a special hi-temp powder coating.


What to look for in a radiant heater …and why HEATSCOPE® stands out above the rest

  1. Energy efficiency
    The higher the energy efficiency, the lower the running costs! HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters have been designed to quickly transform up to 94% of the energy used into ambient heat, which is transferred directly to people and surfaces, not into the surrounding air. A perfect way to save money on your heating bills.
  2. The ability to spread warmth evenly
    Everyone wants to feel warm and comfortable outside, not just those closest to the heating unit. HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters are positioned high up on the wall or ceiling, enabling them to distribute heat evenly. Unlike traditional heaters that distribute warm air, HEATSCOPE® infrared heaters use rays to directly warm the surfaces and people within its reach. It’s similar to the comfortable warmth of the sun on your skin. The Spot heats an 8m2 area, while the Pure and Vision each heat 11m2.
  3. More comfortable environment
    A low, gentle light creates a more attractive and pleasant environment. HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters emit a soft, subtle ambient light even when on 100% heat output setting. They also don’t emit odours or gases, nor have noisy fans that cause heat loss and stir up dust, dirt and irritating allergens.
  4. Eco-friendly
    Electric radiant heaters don’t emit any harmful emissions. With HEATSCOPE® Heaters, no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours are emitted, and they don’t require ventilation or a flue.
  5. Directional heating
    Unlike floor radiant heaters, wall and ceiling mounted electric infrared radiant heaters free up floor space, are out of the way of flow-through traffic so don’t pose a tripping hazard and are safer as they are out of the reach of children and pets. HEATSCOPE® heaters can be either wall mounted or recessed flush into the ceiling*, and you can easily and accurately change the angle via the swivel joint mount for precise heating. Heat is transferred directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. And heat won’t simply ‘blow away’ in windy or draughty conditions.
  6. Fast heating
    You want your outdoor area to be ready when you are. HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters create noticeable heat within milliseconds and 100% heat in around 15 - 60 seconds. The Spot reaches maximum output in just 15 seconds, the Pure just 30 seconds, and the Vision just 60 seconds, producing immediate, comfortable heat when and where you need it.
  7. Easy, convenient operation
    Choose a radiant heater that has remote control and/or connects to your smart device for greater convenience. HEATSCOPE® electric radiant heaters can be turned on and off via a wall-mounted Switch or remotely via Smartphone or smart home digital assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.
  8. Design aesthetics
    As your radiant heater will become a design feature in your outdoor area, choose one that complements and enhances it. With elegant clean lines and smooth surfaces in a choice of muted on-trend black matt and white hues, HEATSCOPE® is a popular choice for any style of outdoor living and entertaining space. They’re constructed from premium materials and meticulously made. It’s little wonder one of the models, the HEATSCOPE® Pure won a Red Dot Design Award!

    “With their ambient light and sleek design, which complements any décor, HEATSCOPE® heaters are discrete, stylish and space-saving,” says Thomas. “They’re ideal for homes, restaurants, cafes, bars, retail spaces or wherever an effective, unobtrusive heating solution is needed.”
  9. Weather-resistant
    Even partially covered and semi-enclosed outdoor areas like patios, verandas and cabanas can be affected by rainwater and wind-blown dust. Durability means longevity and cost savings, so choose a radiant heater that can withstand the elements. HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters are crafted from durable, high-quality materials and have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP65 for Pure, IP24 for Spot and IP44 for Vision models, for protection against splash-water and wind. The Vision and Spot electric radiant heaters have optional weather shields. This rating exceeds the standard IPX5 rating of other brands and makes HEATSCOPE’s three attractive and high performing models – Pure, Vision and Spot – a cost-smart choice for covered and open outdoor spaces in both residential and hospitality/commercial settings.
  10. Portable, easy to relocate
    Choose a wall/ceiling mounted electric radiant heater that detaches easily to make installation, repositioning – say, when you renovate – and relocating quick and easy. Wall and ceiling mounted HEATSCOPE® radiant heaters simply and easily attach with supplied wall mount and clamps.
  11. Easy to clean and maintain
    Who likes cleaning? Radiant heaters with openings and other exposed sections require regular and thorough cleaning. HEATSCOPE® radiant infrared heaters have smooth exteriors without gaps or parts that collect dirt and grease or require maintenance or repairs, so care simply involves an occasional quick wipe over to remove surface dust. They don’t require costly ongoing services and repairs to ignition, gas pressure or hoses.
And HEATSCOPE Heaters can be used in a range of indoor and outdoor environments including:
  • Sunrooms
  • Wind-protected patios
  • Semi-open patios
  • Open patios
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Bathrooms and spas

Better together: HEATSCOPE® heater + EcoSmart Fire

radiant-heaters-plus-fire-tables.jpg EcoSmart Martini 50 + HEATSCOPE Pure 3000W

It’s the perfect combination. Two complementary types of heating solutions that, when paired together, provide comfort and ambiance.

Combining an EcoSmart Fire and HEATSCOPE® Heater provides the ultimate outdoor experience. It ensures year-round enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in any residential, hospitality and commercial outdoor space. The golden flickering flames of an ethanol-fuelled EcoSmart Fire, Fire Table or Firepit create an alluring and attractive feature that never fails to draw family, friends and guests around, while a sleek, award-winning HEATSCOPE® radiant heater discretely keeps everyone pleasantly warm.

This combination enables you to spend more time outdoors, on evenings and in the cooler months too, relaxing, dining and entertaining on your patio, courtyard, terrace or veranda with family and friends. And for restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs, patrons and guests tend to stay longer if they are feeling warm and comfortable.

HEATSCOPE® heaters and EcoSmart Fires are also eco-friendly; they don’t emit any harmful emissions. This further enhances your outdoor areas and is kinder to your neighbors and the environment! They’re also easy to install, as they don’t require chimneys or vents or costly gas-line installation and connection.

“With their low-profile smooth and streamlined design and above eye-level positioning, a HEATSCOPE® radiant heater does its job discretely and quietly, letting the EcoSmart Fire of your choice be the ‘star’, a beautiful design feature that gives any outdoor area an inviting resort-like look and feel, every day and night of the year,” adds MAD Design’s Stephane Thomas.

*Not available in all countries